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Eco-friendly Hotel

Preserving Nature – Eco Friendly

Fort Recovery Hotel is proud to support Green VI– a local organization bringing about change in the  BVI through their many green initiatives. You may be asking yourself, “how can I help ensurer a greener and healthier BVI other than staying at an Eco-friendly hotel?” Even though you are a visitor to the BVI, if you are interested in learning more about promoting Eco-awareness in the BVI, you can visit for more information. Currently they are summoning the help from all persons with interest in or living in the BVI, to sign a very important petition that will be handed over to the British Virgin Islands government. This petition demands clean, renewable energy for all of the BVI. “Current legislation prevents the implementation of alternative energy sources from contributing to the main power supply in areas served by BVIEC. Furthermore import duties and a lack of tax incentives make alternative energy technologies expensive,” (Green VI). 

Fort Recovery has always been a place where you will see a palm tree growing through buildings, and through porches. We have remained very environmentally conscious with everything from preserving as many palm tress as possible, to keeping our small, private sandy beach as natural, and free of man-made alteration as we can. We believe that Tortola is as beautiful, exotic and unique today because the island itself is also conscious of these things. If you are looking for a place that still has lush rain-forests, natural beaches, tropical exotic flora and wildlife, and a little bit of culture in some respects the same as it was a century ago, then Tortola is your island.

“Our guests’ are always satisfied that they reduced their carbon footprint when visiting in the beautiful BVI! It is such a bonus to any vacation knowing that you helped preserve “Nature’s Little Secret”.

This being said Tortola is not by any means technologically lacking. Sometimes the word “eco” sends a message of being uncomfortable or without modern conveniences during a vacation. This is not the case! All guests’ will still be afforded all of the modern comforts of any hotel, with the added bonus of having energy star compliant appliances in your suite, such as the air conditioners, televisions and refrigerators. There is also a computer, printer and fax machine for guest use in the reception area, free of charge. The island itself has multiple supermarkets, general stores, pharmacies, hospitals and all other modern necessities.

Tortola and the Turtle that came to stay…

Think of Tortola as your home unspoiled by modern society (pollutants, over-construction, over-population, food/store chains, etc) right in the beautiful and exotic Caribbean with a lovely cultural charm and pleasantness. Fort Recovery in fact has a Martello Tower designed Dutch Fort, for which the hotel’s name is derived. The Fort is completely in tact and stands strong as if built yesterday. Upon the creation of Fort Recovery in 1969, a large number of  cannonballs as well as a few pieces of eight were found on top of the Fort. History of the Fort and evidence found would indicate The Fort was used as means of defending the area against the British Naval ships that passed down the Sir Francis Drake Channel. This was inferred by historians the Dutch were protecting a large, fresh-water supply on the property and possibly other resources. At Fort Recovery we vigilantly protect all of our delicate ecosystems where everything is left unspoiled, but we admit to spoiling our guests!

In February of 2004, Fort Recovery had a truly remarkable surprise, when a female Turtle came to shore to lay her eggs on our beach’s sand.

February 4th, 2004 Mrs. Turtle came to Fort Recovery Beach and laid an unknown quantity of eggs. They are hopefully going to hatch between March 21 and April 10th. —-> On December 4th, 2004 Mrs. Turtle’s first hatch-lings came to life. The baby turtles began their journeys by making their way into the sea right in front of Fort Recovery!

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