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Tortola, BVI History

About Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

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Tortola is an island surrounded by sparkling clear blue waters. Enjoy a day of superb sailing aboard one of the many charter boats available for hire. Skin Divers might call Tortola paradise, while SCUBA Divers will find over thirty of the Caribbean’s most outstanding dive spots, including the wreck of the R.M.S Rhone Transport Ship.

Currency in Tortola is not the E.C. (Eastern Caribbean) dollar like many would assume. In fact Tortola and all of the BVI islands use the U.S. Dollar as their primary form of currency. There are many banks found on the island that can assist in exchanging money at any time. On average the temperature ranges from 76°F – 93°F, always with a cooling trade wind breeze…

World records have also been achieved for Marlin, Tuna, and other game fish. On Tortola one will find a diverse populace from locals, to folks from other islands both leeward and windward.

People from all over Europe, America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Australia, are just some of the cultures that make up the BVI. Tortola is a haven in the Caribbean, as it is one of the least populated and unspoiled.

The BVI islands are one of the top three most wealthy destinations in the Caribbean, with mountainous and beachfront homes starting at 1mil and ranging to 10million. You will find that with money, the people themselves remain very much laid back and down to earth, Tortola is by no means stuffy or needy of many material things.

The beaches of Tortola are some of the most captivating to be seen, with it’s position, Fort Recovery makes one of the best sunset locations there is, being directly across from St. John and Frenchman’s Cay where the sun sets each day. Tortola is a very warm and welcoming place if one returns the favor and greets people  with a “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, and “Good evening”, which are most customary upon meeting anyone.

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Nearby Attractions on Tortola

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